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    If you were a roach, and you were minding your own business in your new condo suite, and suddenly you're jolted with more electricity than your little roach mind could conceive of (anthropomorphizing here)...wouldn't you likely void any non essential liquids and solids? Makes for a faster get-away!

    I've found mice nests around cabling, and it seems they like the taste of insulation. They're also incontinent.

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    Re: Samlex inverters

    A little late but your question seems to have gone unanswered:

    Jessica, you've heard of a "bug" in a computer?

    That goes back to an actual incident when Grace Hopper (eventually Admiral Grace Hopper) actually found a dead moth in a WW2-vintage early USN computer. The moth caused a relay failure, IIRC.

    Roaches are infamous for causing short circuits in all sort of 110-volt equipment especially kitchen applicances. All it takes is one roach to short circuit a part, and then the whole device can be fried. It all depends on what the roach shorted out.

    So yes, one bug is all it takes to wipe out a piece of electrical equipment. Known fact, not opinion.

    And since they like warm, dark, dry places...they like to go into appliances.
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    I realize this post is almost nine years after the question but I hope that my experience might save somebody the frustration I have suffered.  For those who are unaware, Samlex inverters are no longer manufactured in North America and apparently it has affected the quality.  I bought a 2000 watt SSW series pure sine wave inverter in late March, 2018 from Amazon.  In the box was a used 1,000 watt inverter.  I don't know how this happened but I didn't blame Samlex because it probably happened at an Amazon warehouse.  Amazon replaced it without any issue.  Unit #2 initially worked, however the fan was not temperature controlled as explained in specifications or the manual that came with the unit. The fan ran 24/7 regardless of load.  I called Samlex and the tech explained that is how the unit is supposed to function.   So the unit has to be turned off when not in use so the fans don't cause additional drain on the battery beyond the normal no-load drain.  About a month later, unit #2 died.  Although it was just past the Amazon 30 day return window, they made an exception and allowed the return due to problems I had with unit #1.  Unit #3 worked for five months and then it failed.  I had to return it to Samlex at my expense for a warranty replacement.  The manual in unit #4 had been updated to reflect that the fan does run 24/7.  Unfortunately, unit #4 was defective straight out of the box.  The circuit that detects low battery status properly detects that the battery is fine, however it sounds the low battery alarm anyway, regardless of battery charge condition or whether there is a load on the inverter.  The tech told me there is no way to shut the alarm off, so I can either go insane listening to the alarm or send the unit back in (at my expense) to receive replacement unit #5.  I have cheap "throwaway" MSW inverters that have lasted me for years.  When searching for a PSW unit I bought Samlex because they have a reputation for quality.  However, it's actually the worst brand of inverter I have experience with, and definitely not worth the higher price. 
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    I've had good luck with my 5 yr old  Cotek 1500W TSW ( true sine wave)... made in Taiwan. Runs our fridge and vacuum at the same time... just don't start them together,.... and the fans only work as needed, temp controlled
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    I've had a Samlex 3KW inverter for about 6 months.  it's withstood pretty much everything - cold weather, hot weather, travel, bumps - but the biggest load is the microwave; my AC runs on 12VDC.  My only issue with the Samlex is that the remote panel loses its mind and has to be unplugged to reset.  The inverter works just fine.
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    My Cotek SK-1500.   has served me faithfully for 6 years, it's also sold as the Samlex SA1500.   Variants include the SD-1500 which include a transfer relay. Not all models of Samlex are made by Cotek. Cotek is based in Tiawan, manufacturing is in China.  Vanner, an ambulance and fire truck inverter manufacturer has Cotek build inverters for them, including the SK-1500, with the Vanner name on them.

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