Subpanel question.

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I live in CA, and I not sure if this question is specific to NEC or jurisdictions... 

I am planing a system, micro inverters...  I am going to run three strings, all will add up with a 25amp breaker load max

I want to convert PV wire in attic and run to new sub panel in garage, just on other side of wall to main panel..  Main panel is 125 amp so my max is 25 amp solar...

So what I want to do is, install 100 amp sup panel, with 100 am rated wire, and install 60 amp breaker in main panel... Then I will install three 15 amp breakers in garage sub and run three circuits to attic (after main panel change LATER, I can add solar panels to each string flip to 3 20 amp breakers)...  I also need to run two 20 amp breakers off that sub panel for specific power in the garage...   

My question,  can I do that without having a quick disconnect outside, do to having breaker in main panel right there to kill power?

I understand that, 100 amp sub with 60 amp breaker will leave me enough room on sub bus bar, is it ok with the two 20 amp breakers in same box? 


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    You really need to talk with your local building code folks... There are a lot of new regulations on roof mounted solar panels (remote disconnects, clear areas on roof for fire fighter access, etc.).

    Micro inverters are a good choice to eliminate the need for a remote DC Array disconnect. And, as I recall, PG&E no longer requires a remote disconnect for GT systems (the original requirement was that the utility needed to ensure the safety of their line peoples, and either a remote disconnect or they had the right to pull your meter to stop any chance of power being fed back into a dead utility drop--These days, PG&E accepts that UL/NRTL Listed devices are "safe" and will not back-feed during power failures).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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