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I have a King Canada KCG-3000i, 3000 Watt inverter generator that I use for power outages at my home to run my internet router, TV, and File server (all about 830 Watts).  I run monthly tests on the generator using a 100 Watt light bulb as a load instead of unplugging my equipment for each test. This is mostly an engine and voltage check.  Lately though, after the generator has been running for 5 minutes or so, the light bulb begins to flicker and the engine speed varies ever so slightly. This will continue with no end. If I attempt the test the next day, same thing, 5 minute smooth, then flicker.  I'm wondering if this is the speed control for the gasoline engine and not a AVR/Inverter problem? Any help would be great.


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    You might try the "magic" chemical(s) first... Gasoline tends to gum and varnish over time (and will "go bad" in a few months, unless you use a fuel stabilizer and change the stored fuel once every 6-12 months--and store in a cool location).

    SeaFoam is a pretty decent fuel system additive and cleaner. Does not seem to cause any problems and, for quite a few folks, does clean carburetors and reduce starting/unstable engine RPM/Power output.

    Other things we used to try--Pull the air filter assembly, get the engine running at higher/rated RPM and put your hand over the air inlet (sucks bunches of fuel through the jets and can clear out crud).

    And for future engine loading... Perhaps take an electric space heater and place ~800-1,500 Watts of load on the genset... That will be a better test and bring your engine up to operating temperature quicker.

    Use a DMM with frequency display or a Kill-a-Watt meter to make sure you are around 60 Hz +/- 5 Hz or so under load.

    And make sure to shut off fuel and drain the carburetor (or run engine dry at no-load) to get the leftover fuel out of the system.

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    well  AFAIK the King is a knock- off copy of the Honda inverter line.  just reviewed the King site and it reads like my Honda 3000i and looks kind of like it too... so if it looks like a duck..... The Honda's will surge off and on if they have old stale gas, some gum in the carb or  have not had a HARD heavy load applied to get it up to temp like BB said. 
    I will add the fact that you should be using PREMIUM grade fuel in it, as most 1* gasoline does not go stale as fast and usually does not contain ethanol, which is the problem maker.
    There also is a pressurized canister of SeaFoam for getting into carb channels without dismantleing.. hopefully...
    Use after warming the engine up a bit and then let sit a while, restart the engine and you should get some smoke in the exhaust as it is cleaning the cylinder walls etc. The instructions covers it all...
    Great stuff....

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