Midnite Chinook 200, anyone have one?

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Just wondering how these are..  I want to replace my existing junk Windtura 750 mill which the slip ring fails constantly. I don't need big power, just reliability.


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    This guy?


    Instead of slip rings, an alternative is to simply use a (properly rated outdoor) cord down the tower and a plug at the bottom. In theory, most wind turbines yaw equally to the right and lift--And do not wind up the cord. If (over the months/years) the cord winds up, just disconnect it at the bottom of the tower and unwind.

    Slip rings seem (at times) to not be worth the costs and low reliability that many have experienced.

    PS: Looks like our host (Northern Arizona Wind & Sun) sells them... They have been trying to find reliable wind turbines to sell for quite a long time--Calling them for their experience may be a good idea.

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    Yep, that's the one..  
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    Kind of a low output but than again most windmills I have seen VASTLY out state the output. Knowing midnite, its probably quality and well engineered though.

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    I believe the Chinooks were spawned from a Military contract, for use on the back of a (moving?) jeep, etc...
    Compare to the Air X specs... no match in my eye...
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