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    Thanks for this thread, I have been having a  similar problem, but I am totally off grid. You gave me a hint in your first paragraph   " It sees input voltage as 74 VDC and output as battery voltage (according to charge state). "    and normally mine does too, but I got a new thought, what IS it seeing? And Peterteari gave another hint that I needed " check the absorb and float settings."
    I have called my solar guy but he hasn't bothered to seem interested yet. (I installed all my own over the years as there was NO solar guy nearer than 200 miles before I found this guy). So I learn as I go. But I am frustrated that the manual doesn't explain much. Like what SHOULD the controller be seeing? what SHOULD those settings be? Forget figuring out why they changed.
    In my case my PV input is between 26-35. No grid to confuse things (and it sounds like your  Grid may be interfering). And I have 2 controllers, My solar panel dealer told me the Outbacks can only tolerate 1000 watts each before they misfire and let your batteries overcharge. So I currently have 1730 watts.
    One controller for 2 years no problems and the second for a year no problems. It just suddenly started pulling this snooze thing on me, Always when I go to turn my deep well pump on,1800 watts startup and 900-1300 watts running.  It goes into snooze within seconds. Doesn't matter if the PV input is 35 volts, So I hadn't messed with the settings before as there was no need to, except the battery voltage (24). I'm going to have to try going back into the Absorb and float settings and figure out what I WANT them to do. And maybe I need to lower the Absorb settings. Don't know why they suddenly needed attention, but I'm on my own.
    Hubby doesn't know anything about it, won't learn about it, but went in and just pushed buttons, so it actually works better now, but I get the snooze still inappropriately, not as much as before but it's still not 100% working right. And lest you ask, could hubby have gone in and messed with the setting sometime when this began? I doubt it but, could be, BUT his memory is so cruddy he would not remember if he did. He certainly doesn't remember what he did to make it better this time.
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    I don't know Outback charge controllers well, so my thoughts will be generic.

    That the problem happens when the pump starts may be a clue that the issue is CC output. I'm wondering if the pump start is dragging battery voltage down enough to trigger a low battery cut-off, or an overcurrent condition. A fully charged bank floating at say 13.5v will pull 1800/13.5v=133a (plus losses for power factor, wiring etc). A depleted battery at say 11.8v will pull 1800/11.8=153a. In either case, voltage will sag as the pump starts, but will sag worse with the lower initial voltage. The problem would get worse as the bank ages and/or gets cold.

    In rereading your post, I see the bank is 24v nominal. Although the same still applies at twice the voltage, there is also the possibility that the load is pulling panel voltage too low. I would think the controller would recover from that fairly quickly.

    My Midnight classics have a "reason for resting" code that gets set anytime it goes to snooze mode. Does the Outback have anything similar (may need an OB "mate" to display)?

    It's also a good idea to record values and changes to settings. It can take time to get the right ones dialled in, and having to start over is no fun, and it makes systematic debugging much easier.
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    Hubby or you need to keep a log of what your are doing! What is the DC voltage when you see snooze? The solar weather, is the system floating. There is some wrong information from your dealer. With no one there to help you are going to have to learn this. A good start is the manual and then asking questions here. A picture can help or a list of all the devices in the system. Do you need a link to the FM-80 Manual?  Good Luck Maybe a new thread Bill ? It might help her!
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    Hi whisper..,

    So,   it looks like you have a  24 V system,   and 60-cell PVs.  In general  with this solar panel type,   there is often not enough input voltage to allow full charge of batteries,   with most charge controllers like the Outback (MPPT ones)  when using a 24 V (or 48 V) battery.

    We know almost nothing about the details of your system.  What is the type of battery on the system,   or better yet,  what is the manufacturer and battery model number for your battery bank.

    The Default charge voltages and charge time are usually not appropriate for Flooded batteries (ones with caps on the top of batteries that are easily removable.

    Thanks for the added info.   Vic

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