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    What I stated above is for equipment you should have and do not show in the diagrams.
    Here is a  schematic of what you would have in a Professional installation.  Not that you need the circuit breakers, as equivalent fuses will work, but CB's can be used as a shut off as has already been stated.
    Looks like you have a 'Baby Box ' in the *
    Oh , I just remembered, there are outlets in the Inverter that are meant for extension cords.  If you want to send the power all through the house, it should be ''HARD WIRED" and that will require a bypass switch and circuit breakers.... to be safe!
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    Do you have access to Square D Electrical products? If you do and need a combiner box and you can use the circuit breakers for up to 48 volts DC. I believe the CB type you need are the QO type... 
    Square D QOU breakers are rated for up to 48 volt DC systems. Regular QO breakers are only good for up to 24 volt systems I believe.

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    Yes, is a BBox with 30 and 60a breakers, but I will not send power to the house, I will only connect appliances directly to the inverter. But that way I do not know if it is necessary to add a ground wire.
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    There should be a lug on the inverter for grounding the inverter case.
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