Inverter remote control wiring

I'm trying to wire my Power Bright APS600 inverter so I can turn it on/off via RF enabled micro-controller (w/ relay board).
Rather than soldering wires across power switch, I want to use it's build in RJ11 port. Unfortunately there's no diagram anywhere on how it's wired. I even took it apart and couldn't figure out. They do sell wired remote controls for it, like this one so I know it's possible :)


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    Re: Inverter remote control wiring

    Ok I actually found out. Contacted tech support and they told me pinout (can't believe first rep I spoke to actually knew this). So if anyone interested here's info:
    For APS remote jack: Pins 1 & 6 are unused. P2 is LED, P3 is +12V, P4 is Ground, P5 is the SWITCH.
    Pin 5 has a constant low. A 5V pulse turns unit on/off.
    I was a bit confused about 5V puls part, as there was no 5V voltage on the inverter. I tried sending 5V from external source (with tied grounds) and nothing happened. In the end I touched together pin 5 and 3 and it worked. Trick is physical switch has to be ON. There's actually 5V on Pin 3 when it's in standby...
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    Re: Inverter remote control wiring

    Good detective work.
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    I'm resurrecting this post because I have a related problem

    So I bought and installed an inverter, whose main and remote power switch is a "momentary soft latching tactile button type, press 2 sec on press 2 sec off.

    The problem is I want to wire in a low voltage power cutoff relay, that is either closed or open.

    What is the simplest way to get it to control the inverter on/off, and keep an override switch? Cutting the power wont work because the inverter always starts "off".

    There are four wires going to the remote switch. I'm hoping two of these will work as normal mechanical contact or no contact open/closed on off that I can route through a relay(?) The remote switch button itself is a small box with circuitry inside, I'm also hoping the mosfet or whatever that works as the soft latch circuit is contained in there, not in the inverter board itself.

    To have a manual overide on/off switch, where would that go in the overall circuit?

    Or should I just find another inverter with a toggle switch?

    Thanks all
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