Help with 220 VAC inverter in Puerto Rico

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    I recently bought a 220v power inverter(6000peak 3000watts) trough ebay and did not realize it had a universal plug. This plug has 3 holes, the 1st one gives out 220v, the second one it says its a Neutral and the 3rd one its unplugged(there isn't a cable inside the inverter for ground). When i tested with a voltimeter the first 2 it gives me 220v as stated. How can i hook it up to the breaker panel?

    I know there are security guidelines and all, im open to suggestions. Im from PR and dont have electricity now for more than 100 days. (Sorry for the inglish)


    I hooked it up trough a 220v outlet and it only worked for a couple of minutes. Not looking for a speech on why i should not do it, looking for ideas. Im up for it. And thanks in advance
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    I'm pretty sure you're going to need a transformer. It sounds like your device is a single phase 220v output, which is incompatible with 120/240v split phase without transformer.
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    How old is this thread?
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    I have moved this to your own thread (Help).

    As said above, your inverter is probably a 230 VAC @ 50 Hz (could be 60 Hz). More or less, other than returning for credit, you can either get 230 VAC appliances (some LED lighting is 120/240 VAC) or get a 230 to 120 VAC transformer (not cheap, and can be wasteful of energy). Also, if 50 Hz, that can be a problem in a 60 Hz world.

    Can you tell us a bit about your energy needs? A 3,000 Watt AC inverter is pretty large--And requires a large battery bank and heavy wiring (especially if 12 VDC or 24 VDC battery bank). And you need some method to recharge the battery bank (solar, genset, etc.).

    If you need a few lights, cell phone charger, lap top computer (or LED TV), radio, possibly a water pump... A 12 volt with a system with a 300 Watt TSW (true sign wave) Inverter can make your life easier.

    If, for example, you need to run a refrigerator--Perhaps a 1,200 to 1,500 Watt or so 12 or 24 volt inverter and battery bank is a better choice.

    And in any case, you would need to size a solar array (based on size/voltage of battery bank and how much energy you use in a day) and possibly a back up genset (during poor weather, or when you need to run a larger load like shop tools for a few hours).

    I cannot even imagine what a 100 days of no power after a hurricane on an island (difficult to get supplies in, etc.).

    But if you can give us more information and help us define a system for you on paper first (before you purchase hardware)--You will be much better off and have a system that better fits your needs.

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    People live on islands without power all the time. It might be hard to imagine but most tropical islands have water. It might be hard to do this if you are use to having all the creature comforts but it also might be good for many people to just chill out and live a simple life.

    If there is death and injuries involved I apologize. PR had its problems before the hurricane also.

    Do you have a make/model number of the inverter?
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