how to best control charge and invert to 110v with given equipment

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I have 5 of these (battery)

WB-LYP260AHA LiFeYPO4 (3.2V/260Ah)

And 3 0f these (panel)

Was thinking of a mobile power station on a trailer
I have a fair bit of electrical experience but could really use some suggestions on where to go with the charge controller ,inverter and anything else I might need.also interested in bussing configuration for the batteries Thanks


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    You can wire four of your batteries in series to get a single 12V string.  Depending on your charge controller, and the voltage range of your inverter, you might utilize all 5. The specifications for the batteries say their minimum voltage is 2.5V, so 5 in series would be a minimum of 12.5V.  The problem would be the inverter.  Most 12V inverters have a max voltage of 16.0-16.8VDC, and 5 in series would need to charge at 19.0VDC, higher than the inverter's limit.  So, you're likely to be stuck with one extra battery. 

    You can wire your three panels in series if you use an MPPT controller.  The 70VDC output needs to be transformed down to 15.2VDC by the controller, which would give you ~30A charging under perfect conditions, or maybe ~24A under routine conditions.  That works out to be about C/11 in the real world.  This Renogy MPPT will work for you.

    You can pair it with this Sine Wave inverter 
    Note that it's max voltage is 16.5, so that means only 4 batteries in series.  You'll need to connect this inverter to your battery string with very heavy copper cables, 2/0 or 4/0.

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