Gas Powered Generators

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If anyone is interested???  I can convert your gas powered generators off compressed air, this is a patented invention.  Just starting out and feeling peoples responses.  Thanks for your input..  Thomas E. Lackey    [email protected] 


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    Can you tell us a bit more?

    Are you converting gasoline gensets to run from a compressed air source?

    If using compressed air as a source--How are you cost effectively compressing the air and storing it?

    There was a fair amount of interest in compressed air vehicles a decade or two ago--But that seems to have disappeared for the moment.

    Developers and manufacturers

    Various companies are investing in the research, development and deployment of Compressed air cars. Overoptimistic reports of impending production date back to at least May 1999. For instance, the MDI Air Car made its public debut in South Africa in 2002,[18] and was predicted to be in production "within six months" in January 2004.[19] As of January 2009, the air car never went into production in South Africa. Most of the cars under development also rely on using similar technology to low-energy vehicles in order to increase the range and performance of their cars.[clarification needed]


    MDI has proposed a range of vehicles made up of AIRPod, OneFlowAir, CityFlowAir, MiniFlowAir and MultiFlowAir.[20] One of the main innovations of this company is its implementation of its "active chamber", which is a compartment which heats the air (through the use of a fuel) in order to double the energy output.[21] This 'innovation' was first used in torpedoes in 1904.

    Tata Motors

    As of January 2009 Tata Motors of India had planned to launch a car with an MDI compressed air engine in 2011.[22][23] In December 2009 Tata's vice president of engineering systems confirmed that the limited range and low engine temperatures were causing problems.

    Tata Motors announced in May 2012[24] that they have assessed the design passing phase 1, the "proof of the technical concept" towards full production for the Indian market. Tata has moved onto phase 2, "completing detailed development of the compressed air engine into specific vehicle and stationary applications".[25]

    In February 2017 Dr. Tim Leverton, president and head at Advanced and Product Engineering at Tata revealed was at a point of "starting industrialisation" with the first vehicles to be available by 2020.[26] Other reports indicate Tata is also looking at reviving plans for a compressed air version of the Tata Nano[27], which had previously been under consideration as part of their collaboration with MDI.[28]


    Engineair is an Australian company which has produced prototypes of a variety of prototype small vehicles using an innovative rotary air engine designed by Angelo Di Pietro. The company is seeking commercial partners to utilise its engine.[29]


    Peugeot and Citroën have announced that they too are building a car that uses compressed air as an energy source. However, the car they are designing uses a hybrid system which also uses a gasoline engine (which is used for propelling the car over 70 km/h, or when the compressed air tank has been depleted).[30][31] On January 2015, there was "Disappointing news from France: PSA Peugeot Citroen has put an indefinite hold on the development of its promising-sounding Hybrid Air powertrain, apparently because the company has been unable to find a development partner willing to split the huge costs of engineering the system." Development costs are estimated to 500 million Euro for the system, which would apparently have need to be fitted to around 500,000 cars a year to make sense. [32]


    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Ok, basically it's a perpetual system obviously powered by an air compressor that, for example on a truck that has a distributor, what is done is the compressor is tapped into the distributor so as though it may produce compressed air which fills a small air tank located in the trunk, which then is sent to an air distributor mounted on top of the air compressor, which then distributes the air to intended cylinders. Ok, I know I was speaking on gas generators but, the concept is the same you just use the motor to continuously turn the air compressor which is mounted directly to the motor with a smaller air tank and ran into the air distributor.    The bottom line it is a self powered system that generates absolutely zero emissions.  I've also designed an Air Turbine that run essentially on the same concept.  I can continuously generate electricity as opposed to a Wind Turbine or Hydro Turbine which obviously have down production times as nature permits.. Thanks for your response and I can get much-much deeper into this subject. I believe I have solved the dependent need on the non-renewable dependency on Oil...  I just need some resources to make this a reality. The good thing is that, this is 100% feasible..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Thomas E. Lackey

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    One more thought??  The gentleman who taught me how to build the system on gas powered motors patented his invention 40years ago and we have an agreement that I am the person whom he is selling this patent too, and the Air Turbine is my design and it is not patented just yet, FYI.
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    One Last Thought, The truck that had this system installed on it was clocked in running at 314mph on the Salt Lake City Salt Flats.... That proves a solid point!!! This system can power even a 36,000hp gas /powered motor, obviously with the proper installation...
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    Sounds like a perpetual motion machine. They do not work as they violate the laws of thermodynamics:

    The four laws of thermodynamics are:[1][2][3][4][5]

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Thanks for the input but, bottom line-it works, I'll look into why this is possible and give an educated response.
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