Paralleled Dual FX System generator inputs

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I'm adding a 2nd FX to my system and am considering configuring it to run 120V parallel. I have a small off grid house that is only wired for a single 120V input to the breaker box. Here's link to the configuration I'm considering:

I have a 8000 watt (6000 continuous) generator with a 30 Amp 240V output. The question I have is can I reconfigure so the AC inputs on the FX's so that they no longer both connected to the "AC HOT" bar and instead connect L1/N of the 240V  to one FX and L2/N is connected to the other FX. I can live without the generator bypass. The goal is to be able to charge my battery bank at the highest amperage. The generator only has a 15 amp 120V outlet.

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    I have my Outbacks set up in a parallel, master/slave configuration, which is what the image appears to be showing.

    I believe you can set a pair up to do split phase, but there are issues with doing so. Unless you wire the panel for 240v split phase, you would have just one inverter supplying it, and the second one would really just be a battery charger. I assume you have no 240v loads?

    If you do rewire the panel, you won't have a master/slave setup, each inverter would supply one side of the panel. With my setup, the master supplies the whole panel almost all the time, but the slave is available to handle the occasional large coincidence of loads. The slave can otherwise live in sleep mode, saving a lot of tare loss.

    Can the generator be wired for 60a 120v output? The 15a 120v outlet on the generator is likely a convenience outlet for running lights or whatever. It doesn't necessarily mean the generator can't be wired for 60a 120v hardwired output. My 4kw Onan diesel can be wired for either 35a 120v or 17a 240v by changing a couple of connections in the control box. If so, you could get full charging capability of both inverters while still getting the benefits of the master/slave setup.
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