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Hi.... I too am on the airx disapointed train......
a question for the experts...does it take more wind to produce 48 volts from an airx 48 than 12 volts from a airx 12 volt ? And if so is it true for a whisper ect.....The wind really has to hum to get anything out of it....
Thanks in advance


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    Re: airx 48volt

    Here is an older test report about Airx wind turbines not meeting their performance curves...

    The owner's manual here has performance charts (instantaneous and monthly on page 30).

    Does your system in a steady wind match the curves (P=I*V)?

    Air-X does not give different curves between 12 and 48 volt systems... So, you will probably have to contact them and ask specifically for the 48 vdc performance curves and see what they send you.

    I have seen a couple other heavily advertised wind turbines that do require very high winds to output 48 vdc (darn near ~25 mph to get any power). But in these cases, it may be one model that is sold for 12-48 VDC usage, vs the Air-X which has a 12 and 48 vdc model (are the generators wired differently, or is just a different voltage regulator--don't know).

    So, it is certainly worth asking the mfg. for the 48 VDC performance chart and if it is different (i.e., lower) than the 12 volt chart--then they have some problems with selling a 48 vdc unit using 12 vdc performance specs.

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    Re: airx 48volt

    I sent an email to AirX asking about how to convert from 12 v to 24v ... thought it just might be a wiring change.

    answer: you need a new rotor and stator.

    So, yes, they are totally different machines...12 / 24/ 48v

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