BP solar panels settlement

If you own BP solar panels that were manufactured between 1999 & 2007 with s type junction box go to bp solar settlement. There are 60 different panels involved. They will replace your panels with up to $ 2.10 a watt credit or you can remove your panels and put them on a pallet and they will pick them up and pay you $ 2.10 a watt. I went ahead and replaced my panels with Kyocera 245watt panels for $ .60 a watt delivered (pallet of 20).
Off grid for 20 years. 5KW panels, Trace sw4024, Bergy XL1 wind generator, 3 EG4 Lifep04 200amphr batteries  3 SQF 2 well pump, 12kw back up gen.  Not easy living in the wilderness but it keeps you busy


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