NewWind Trees

Arqane Solar Expert Posts: 31 ✭✭
Another wind turbine with exaggerated claims is starting to show up on Facebook and other social networks.  They look to be 10-15 feet tall, and say they can produce at winds as low as 4.5mph, then claim they can generate 3.5kW of energy, "Enough to power a house for a family of four".

They look nice enough, like modern art trees.  And it wouldn't hurt to generate a little power with them, but of course unfamiliar people are picking up on that last bit of advertising.  They're imagining one of those trees by themselves powering a house for a family of four by itself, constantly throughout the year.

At least in one of their other advertisements, it's put into real perspective.  There it talks about powering an electric car for 1 mile over the course of a year.  Yeah, not quite as impressive as powering an entire house of four.


  • aminaelis
    aminaelis Registered Users Posts: 14 ✭✭
    I like any idea that resembles nature. As you said - they look artisty and fun, plus they can generate extra power. I like the connection of "decoration"/ art with functionality. They don't have to be used for daily use of an average family...they can be used for those who are in favor of such things.  
  • peakbagger
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    I generally regard small wind generators as "moving kinetic sculptures" as they rarely generate any usable power before they break down due to poor quality components. Initially the dealer may live up to warranty commitments if they are repairable but once the dealer moves on to the next big thing the owner is stranded with moving kinetic sculpture. As long as they like looking at it I guess that's a consolation prize.