48 v air x change from 12 volt

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I aquired A 12 Volt air x Can it be altered to  48 volts


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    Not really unless you are prepared to have the stator rewound (an alternator repair shop could do this). Is even possible for you do to it yourself (thinner wires, more turns per winding).


    Another alternative is to charge a 12 volt battery bank and use a 12-48 volt charger (not a great solution).

    There are alternative circuits (like a diode based voltage doubler circuit).


    Alternators are capable of outputting higher voltages (spin them faster, draw a bit less current, and you can get significantly higher voltages). Whether that is practical with your turbine, I do not know.

    And many of the smaller turbines actually have their own charging/braking controller internally mounted/configured. That, of course, will increase complexity.


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