Lead Acid battry as an alternative to VRLA Battry

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4 years ago I got A Home solar rechargeable unit of 30w power,It was for light backup as it only carries 3 Led bulb of 6w each.
The system consist of
*A solar panel 30W
*A controller module
*A VRLA 12 VOLT 28Ah battery(inside controller pack)
Now the problem I caught that battery got expired And from Local market The only choice is Led Acid battery.
Now plz suggest me to what to do,is it suitable to replace old one(VRLA) with A Led acid battery of same Ah.
your suggestions are welcomed.


  • joker55joker55 Registered Users Posts: 5 ✭✭
    VRLA is valve regulated lead acid, only difference i see is that normal lead acid require maintenance and venting, so wouldn't be a problem but can't seal it up inside your unit, only if u can connect the lead acid in a suitable place so it can vent the gasses released and also maintain it as necessary.
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    You may want to check required charging voltage on the replacement battery vs what the unit supplies. Flooded and AGMs are both lead acid, but flooded may need a bit higher charging voltage. As joker55 noted, a flooded battery can't be completely enclosed as charging gasses could build up to explosive concentration.
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