continous GEC 8awg from array to grounding rod to main panel + ufer

Hi All,

I installed a 2nd enphase PV system of 12 m250 inverters in 6x2 layout.
The racking system used is iron ridge XR100 flush mount.  Which has integrated ground.
The system will have 2 sets of 10awg wire running to a new sub-panel 15A/20A breakers for PV1,2.

My question are:

1) does the continuous GEC needs to be attached to all rails of the PV system or rails just where the modules are?
2) Can the GEC be spliced or tapped outside a junction box using a compression tool (non reversible)?  Something like H-tap, C-tap.
3) Can the GEC be spliced/tapped inside the junction box top of the roof for easier conduit run?
4) Can the GEC be spliced using compression tool in the subpanel mentioned, or needs to be continuous to main?
5) In the main panel there is ground to ufer, do you need to use a compression tool on the ufer ground or lug inside main panel is ok?
6) what brand types of irreversible fittings can you recommend?

The reason to ask this is because running a continuous ground from roof is difficult through conduits/panels down ground rod to sub/main panel.  If it was able to be spliced then compression attached it would be easy to install it.
I want to make sure I have it correct before another inspection.

Thanks for helping and looking.


  • ARTsolarARTsolar Registered Users Posts: 14 ✭✭
    With the new generation of Enphase inverters you do not need the GEC, their inverters are now ungrounded. Equipment grounding never goes away but you no longer need the continuous GEC. Below is a link the white paper describing it.

  • kailmkailm Registered Users Posts: 5 ✭✭
    I followed the doc and didn't put EGC since the doc says it provides it through the ENGAGE cable on page 2.
    But the inspector insists as usual, so I am following "inspector is always right motto."

    Since have another PV1 array that has a continuous GEC, running another continuous is labor intensive across both arrays.
    Hence why I posted this question to see if the GEC can be tapped and used to the new array.
    Since running continuous gauge 8 copper is not easy through existing conduits from the roof.

  • LumisolLumisol Registered Users Posts: 374 ✭✭✭
    You will have to ask your inspector what he wants done as far as splices since he is the one who will sign off on the job.
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