Anyone running a power wall?

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I was looking at this page
And thought it looked interesting.
Is anyone using this?


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    I looked into them also.  The negative was for me, that it doesn't like high heat, and requires cooling.  When it hits 105°F here I need every watt for cooling ME, not batteries and equipment.

    Tesla products are aimed at folks that are the "money is no object" crowd, be it vehicles, shingles, or systems.
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    Their operating range is up to 122F. Where do you live that it gets hotter than that?
    The price seems in line with the alternatives to me since it has storage and inverter in one unit.
    I like Tesla products Model S sedan is a very nice car I have had no problems with it at all compared to the cars I had before would seem to always have troubles during break in.
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    I found this list of temps:
    57.8 °C (136 °F) Al 'Aziziyah, Libya 1922-09-13
    50.0 °C (122 °F) Dunbrody, Eastern Cape, South Africa 1918-11-03
    56.7 °C (134 °F) Death Valley, California, USA 1913-07-10
    53.9 °C (129 °F) Tirat Tsvi, Israel 1942-06-21
    50.6 °C (123.1 °F) Alwar, Rajasthan, India 1956-05-10
    52.0 °C (125.6 °F) Basra, Iraq 2010-06-14
    52.6 °C (126.7 °F) Abdaly, Kuwait 2010-06-15
    53.5 °C (128.3 °F) Mohenjo-daro, Sindh, Pakistan 2010-05-26
    50.4 °C (122.7 °F) Doha, Qatar 2010-07-14
    52.0 °C (125.6 °F) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2010-06-22
    50.7 °C (123 °F) Oodnadatta, South Australia, Australia 1960-01-02