New Renology MPPT rover question

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So it has tiny wire clamps where the non MPPT i have has large (easy clamp 10guage)

I managed to barely get the 12g cable in there to test it out but no way the new 10 is going to fit.

It kinda looks like maybe some type of prong should poke in and clamp down??? the book doesnt address it

so am I missing something



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    Are you using stranded wire?

    The wire gauge is based on the cross-section diameter. Stranded wire has voids between the strands, which is non-conductive and so is not included in the diameter for electrical sizing, but is physically larger in diameter.

    The "prong" sometimes used for a stranded wire to screw terminal connection is called a ferrule. If you have or can borrow a crimp tool with the correct jaw bits, this is probably the best, cheapest, easiest way to make the connection.

    Alternatively, you could try to remove a few strands to get it to fit. I find this tricky to do, but I'm a bit of a clutz. Another way would be to get a short length of solid 10ga and splice the stranded to that with an appropriate connector.
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  • DJuan222DJuan222 Registered Users Posts: 24 ✭✭
    thanks it is strands, ill look for some ferrules  that would be the easiest place to start

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