Morningstar TS-RM-2 displaying the word Service

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So I have a Morningstar TS-RM-2  displaying the word Service mounted on a TS-60-MPPT. It has been in service for several years. For the first time I have noticed it is reading SERVICE in the lower right corner. I do not know what it is telling me though. I have reset my blinking diode lights as I do every month for battery service. They are off, but the word SERVICE is still reading on the display. Can anyone help me solve this mystery? Thanks guys!

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    I am a little concerned that it may be trying to tell me that my controller needs service.

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    From reading the manual: (strange link-but it came from MS product page and does work)

    The only mention is on page 26 (text) and page 28 (menu).

    Battery Service (Diagnostics menu)
    If battery service was performed early, this screen can be used
    to reset the service interval back to zero. The battery service
    reminder function is only enabled in custom settings

    It looks like you can setup in the menu to display the world "Service" every 14 days (check electrolyte levels, clean battery top, etc.). To clear, you hold the Right Arrow button for two seconds (may have to go into some sub menu to do that--See menus on page 28).

    Just a timer--No other input/function that I can see (I am guessing here from reading the manual). Does not seem to be broken or displaying any other diagnostic information.

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