My new favorite energy saver

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The in wall time off delay switch.
If you search eBay or amazon for "time off wall switch" a bunch will come up.
They usually come in 30 and 60 minute denominations.
Lowes and home Depot have these switches in the boutique lighting section, and not over with all the electrical receptacles, switches and stuff like you think they'd be.

Now the out side lights which are 125w worth of LED (about 1000w worth of incandescent replacement) never get left on.
Or my three heat lamps totaling 750 watts in the bathroom won't get left on.

The way I figure it, if it keeps the lights from being left on 85 nights and days it will pay for its self. Almost never leaving them on longer than 30 minutes that pay back will add up even faster. Or if it saves one LED flood from bring out its paid for its self.

With the bathroom heat lamps on the time switch it only has to keep them off about 221 hours for the switch to pay for its self. Not counting bulb replacement. 3 heat lamps costs about as much as the time switch.

Now I'm thinking about putting one on the receptacle going to the coffee maker so it doesn't get left on any more.

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    Yea--The lowly wall switch timer--I put one of those on my bathroom fan.

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    I got a metal thermos type coffee maker for home that only heats to make the coffee. Heating it after that to keep warm only makes it taste bad.

    Good idea about the fan. I replaced one recently with an energy star one. It's really quiet, which is nice, but makes it more likely to be left on.
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    I have integrated Amazon Alexa into our lights and outlets. It keeps track of watts used and can be set to timers or you can use motion sensors to turn the light on and off as you pass through areas. (obviously you can just use voice commands as well)
    It can control my music, fans, sprinklers and thermostat too and I can control the house from anywhere.
    It's a great energy saver.