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Hi all,

Most of my home ground based PV system is DIY although the final electrical hook-ups will be done by a local electrician. I want to lay down the wiring though, and am confused what to use.

One serial array of 12 panels connected via SolarEdge optimizers that all lead to a SolarEdge Inverter. The 12 panels are in two groups separated by 6 feet and are mounted on wooden frames. The inverter is 125 feet from the array, the first 70 feet buried and then 50 feet attached to a home wall under the eaves. I planned to bury a ground rod horizontally between the two panel groups and attach a ground wire to each set of panels, one to each side of the rod.


  1. Is a combiner box required or recommended ?
  2. Is a ground wire ran from the inverter to the array/combiner box ?


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    I don't know what you have to combine in a combiner box if all one string. Maybe a diconnect though?

    I personally prefer to ground array separately. Don't know how much of a difference it really makes, but to me bringing the array ground into the house is also providing another path to bring lightning in.

    If permits needed, you might want to run plans by inspector to be sure.
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