Connect alternator to shunt?

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Newbie here! I'm installing a small solar panel system (2x100) in my 2015 motor home. The Trimetric battery monitor and solar controller have been delivered along with the shunt, cables, etc., etc. The Bogart instructions state that all of the chargers and loads get connected to the battery + and shunt -. I'm good on all of that. The only thing puzzling me is the engine alternator. I know that it too charges the house batteries so the + connection is already there. Do I need to run a - connection from the alternator to the shunt so that it's charging contribution is also measured by the battery monitor? If not, then how is the amperage accounted for in the battery monitor's calculation of replaced percentage?


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    IIRC, all loads and charging source negatives need to be on one side of the shunt, with only the battery connected on the other.

    As you note, any loads/sources on the battery side of the shunt can't be measured by the trimetric.
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