Offshore Helideck PV installation

I need advise on an oil platform pv installation to power telemetry and small loads. Particularly,  do I need specially designed solar panels with respect to IP rating or is the standard panels available suitable for an oil & gas Zone 2 hazardous area?
My second question is if there is any difference either due to efficiency or standards between connecting cc directly to the batteries in the battery room or 'travelling ' to the DC bus located in the equipment room?
Many thanks. 
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    Don't know about the first question.

    On the second, a (mppt) cc normally takes higher voltage low current power from a remote pv array and converts down to lower voltage higher current for batteries. Higher current needs bigger wire, so it's normally best to put cc close to batteries.

    If the loads are to be powered by an AC inverter, they can be quite remote from the batteries. If they're low voltage DC though you would want to locate them fairly close as well to avoid voltage drop.

    These are generalities. Your specific situation may call for something different. It would help to know power requirements of loads and rough distances involved.
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