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I have 2 100 watt Photovoltaic Solar Panels...a Vertamax 1500 watt power inverter...a windy nation Trak Max 40 MPPT charge controller.  system ran wonderful for 3 years with 2 rv batteries.  Then we thought batteries would not hold a charge, so we tested them and they appeared to hold charge, but we added 2 new rv batteries.  When we started with fully charged batteries, system only would run for about 4 hours.  We then purchased new batteries.  Windy Nation 12V  100Amp-hour (240 minute reserve capacity)AGM SLA Deep Cucle VRLA Battery.  Charged them completely full,  attached to system, with all new cables.  This is an off grid cabin, we have at the most at one time 5 60 watt LED lights and a radio running.  The new batteries will run down in 3 to 4 hours.
This system worked perfectly for 3 years, now we can not figure out what is going on. 
I am thinking maybe charge controller has gone caput.  We have tested panels, inverter and they all seem to be working.
Thanks for any help  This is a 12 v system


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    Please post the values you have set for the charge phases as well as the time for ABSORB phase...
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    A couple of thoughts:
    1.  You said you attached the new batteries to the system.  Does the "system" include any of the old batteries, or are they all removed so just the new ones hooked up?
    2.  Can you check voltage of the batteries before using at night but after solar charging/floating has stopped?  Also check the voltage at battery posts and at inverter.DC terminals if easily accessible, and at the charge controller DC output terminals.
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