Wiring Diagram?

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I'm considering a DIY 11.7 kW grid-connected PV install utilizing LG panels and Enphase microinverters, unless someone suggests something else.

I am trying to find a wiring diagram for the complete system, including electrical boxes, etc... I understand how to wire the panels to the roof penetration. It is my understand that from the roof penetration through the attic must be metal conduit. Are there any specifications on how or where the conduit is secured or located in the attic? And from the attic, where do I place the combiner box and disconnect? After the combiner box and disconnect, do I just wire it in to the main distribution panel. If so, what size breakers?

Pictures would be great!


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    Yes, there are many rules.
    All of the details are in the National Electric Code.
    You can buy the book or use an online reference.
    Is your AHJ using the 2014 NEC Code?
    You may want to get a professional to do a detailed wiring & layout diagram for you.
    From your questions, I can tell you have much to learn.
    Do you need to pull a permit and get inspected?
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    My inverter is off to the left of the picture.
    So all conduit/devices in picture are split phase 240/120 VAC.
    The left most device is my NET power meter used for providing KWH generation to State of NJ BPU,
    It measure inverter output only.
    Center device is the AC disconnect with fuses, conduit goes down into basement circuit breaker box
    Conduit from entire house breaker box comes back up to the AC Electric company KWH meter on the far right.
    Red labels required by NEC code.

    Camden County, NJ, USA
    19 SW285 panels
    SE5000 inverter
    grid tied
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