Virtual Tracking question?

Mike 870Mike 870 Registered Users Posts: 42 ✭✭✭
Hi,  I have some existing equipment that I use with my camper.  Specifically A Prostar30 gen 2 PWM charge controller.   Trying to decide if I should make use of it for my cabin or sell it and get something new.   I was thinking of using it with 2 12v 160 watt panels roof mounted facing south at 45 degrees and another 1 or 2 panels facing either east or west or both.  All wired in Parallel.  I can't imagine I'd overload the controller like this.  Is there anything else I should consider.  My reason for considering virtual tracking is that I'd like to be able to charge a 305 AH 12v bank, and I don't think the charger is up to it with only 2 160 watt panels facing south.  I'm on the OH/KY border and average year round sun hours are 4.2


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