2 sunny boy 3000 vs 1 6000

Any pro's or cons to having 2 smaller inverters?


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    You need to look at the building code for your area... Newer codes are adding safety devices (such as roof mounted disconnects) to the requirements. Having two GT inverters will need to add a second disconnect system.

    Look at the solar panels you are planning on installing and match the panels and configuration (series/parallel strings) to the input requirements of the GT inverters.

    In the end, 2x more hardware is a 2x higher chance of failure... But, generically, I would not have a strong suggestion to go either way. Just look at the overall costs and any configuration issues (like two different roof planes--if 1/2 the array faces east and the other 1/2 faces west, then two GT inverters would give you better output).

    Also--When deciding where to mount the solar panels--ANY SHADE on a a panel will usually cause that string to stop producing "useful" energy until the sun moves the shade off the panel. And any power lines/vegetation that blocks the panels will cut your output by a lot too.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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