Routine maintenance of pump unit

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(1) Water pump used in daily life, fire pump and sewage pump should be maintained fully every half a year. Maintenance contents are mainly: to check if the pump bearing is flexible and if there is water leakage at gland packing.

(2) Control cabinet should be maintained fully every half a year. Maintenance contents are mainly: to clean all of components and parts in the cabinet and pump shell; to check and fasten all connector lugs and change the connector lugs with serious corrosion; to check if pipe numbers of all connector lugs are clear. There should be no hustle phenomenon in the process of turning on or turning off the switch and clean contact surface; intermediate relay and signal relay should be taken simulation test to check if the action is reliable and output single is correct; to check if single light and indicator light are normal; to check if single wire connector of operating pressure gauge is corrosive.

(3) Maintenance of the motor: the appearance should be clean and ground wire connection should be good. To test insulation resistance with megger . To check if motor bearing is blocked or has abnormal sound; to clean the shell; to check if the shell coats off seriously. If it is serious, new paint should be coated.

(4) Maintenance of related valves, pipelines and parts: to check if sealing rubber gasket of gate valve leaks water; to check if sealing rubber gasket of check valve is damaged; to check if elastic force of spring is enough; to check if paint falls off.

(5) Maintenance of float valve: to check sealing rubber gasket, connecting rod and connecting rod bolt.



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    Ralph's Routine Pump Maintenance:  If it's not broke...don't fix it or fok with it.
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    Ralph, I once met Nigel Calder on an Island in the Pacific. He was famous for his "Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical book"
    Anyone going out on the ocean had a copy and his maintenance schedules,emergency repairs, and the sheer weight of the book was in use to balance the boat weight from side to side.
    He pretty much told me what you wrote >:)
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