Aside from having a name that would feel right at home on the shelves of a Walmart or Tractor Supply (nearly didn't click  on it because of the name, till I saw the list price), this thing looks incredible:

Anyone have any experience with these units?  Dutch made (like the highly regarded Victron), 5 year standard warranty with a 48 hour replacement for defective units.
Quick stats: 
2500w (5000 VA surge)
Pure sine
Input current (nominal load): 104a
No load: 5w
Standby: .6w
Peak eff: 93%

Pretty expensive for a stand alone 2500w inverter at around the $2000 mark, but those self consumption numbers seem exceptionally good, far better than anything else I've seen.  Seems like the perfect, albeit costly, inverter for the small system that has a high surge application or two. Any thoughts?


  • cupcakecupcake Solar Expert Posts: 254 ✭✭✭
    too dang much
    ~1.5Kw PV in parallel
    Morningstar MPPT-60 controllers (2) in parallel
    3 Trojan tr-1275's in parallel 450ah total
    Samlex 2,000 watt 12-volt inverter hardwired

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