Air x stator wires

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Hi I have a blown control board on my 12v air x 400 I am thinking of putting a 3 phase bridge rectifier straight from the stator and down to my batterys.I have 4 wires coming from the stator though green white black and yellow can anyone tell me why the 4th wire and is it possible to do  this I have a dump load rigged up to the batterys.


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    The green wire may simply be the safety ground wire... But, there are two major ways of wiring an alternator:

    The three wires may be "floating" (three separate windings). Or they may be wired in a "delta" or "wye" wound. You can use an Ohm meter to figure out how it is wound (be careful, when using an Ohm meter on windings, it is possible to get a shock when lifting the meter lead (won't hurt your, but it can be a surprise).

    One person said years ago about the AirX:

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    Re: three phase wiring
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    I just reread your blog about the Air-x modification....the heck w/them, I will replace the stator if it turs out to be faulty or re-wind it. thanks

    Hi Thomas,

    the Air X/ air 403 has a unusually stator wiring, its a open Delta wiring with staggered turns on each leg . for the 12v unit 6T , 8T , 12T to get a progressive load up of the turbine,
    because of the square law of the power in the wind.. this allows the turbine to spin up and load up more linearly. that is why your getting different voltage reading on each winding

    I would suggest you rewire it in a simple wye configuration. remove the controller. and use a external controller like PWM ***** like a C-40.

    you will get a voltage gain of 1.73 in the wye configuration.. which will load the unit more and make it less of a buzz bomb.

    leave the center of the wye ungrounded. you will have to sort out the phase of each winding..

    the original winding 8t()()()()winding6()()()()winding12t this is a open delta

    good luck
    Sounds reasonable.

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    Hi thanks for the replies checked ohms this morning took down my working airx and took readings off both s tators green is ground safety wire and unluckily my stator is fried as well as the board I am in Spain  so to far to USA for rewind will see what I can find here thanks again
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