Issues with Lorentz solar pump system

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I recently bought a Lorentz PS21k submersible pump. This one has a 15kw motor. I bought all the bells and whistles with it, including the communicator that collects data from the pump controller and sends it to the Lorentz server. You're meant to be able to monitor things like flow, pressure, voltages, irradiations etc. and also be able to make ajustments to the pump remotely. 

After installation I could monitor everything, but the system would not allow me to alter any settings. Lorentz allows customers ZERO access to any technicians, engineers or sales people, you are only allowed to work through their partners or agents. Well it took me two weeks to convince the guy who sold me the pump that there was a problem, he tried to convince me that it was a problem with my browser. After I proved to him the problem had nothing to do with my browser or computer, he finally sent a message through to Lorentz, who took a further three weeks to get to the bottom of it. And still some of the functionality is dead (I cannot switch the pump off remotely.)

I'm having some other issues with this system and again the agent is giving me a hard time with it, we're getting nowhere in solving them. My question - how do I get help? Is there a forum for Lorentz users somewhere where I can get some answers to some of my (simple) questions that have gone completely unanswered for weeks? Their website is very dim, no technical info, no in depth documentation, nothing. All the agent keeps telling me is "users are not supposed to have that information." Very, very frustrating. I paid a fair amount for this system, and not only can I not get all the info I need on it, but I'm not allowed to access it's full functionailty. These guys have a very screwed up business model. I'm seriously thinking of getting rid of it in exchange for a Grundfos system that allows full control. 


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    When in doubt use the telephone!
     Most of the corporate world insulates their skilled people. Until you get throught the pre-screening
    there is little help.
     Grundfos is no better I am afraid.
    If you are outside of a free phone number you had better make the investment and pay for the call.
    "we go where power lines don't" Sierra Mountains near Mariposa/Yosemite CA
    E-mail [email protected]

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