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Hello, I am in the process of deciding which direction to take my 50 acre development with an abundant supply of natural gas that is produced via a 2500' deep well located on the property. I have 2 fully developed lots, 2 stick built homes, a 60X40 finished garage, shower house and tiny home (almost finished). The well head pressure is at 160 psi with very dry saturation. Over the last 8 years, I have used the gas to heat 9 dwellings, along with NG hot water heaters, and cooking. A few years ago, I sent samples of the gas to a lab for analysis with vision to use the gas as a transportation fuel (Compressed Natural Gas-CNG). After receiving remarkable results from lab, I invested in a CNG compressor (Clotri MCH5) along with a dedicated and bi-fuel cng vehicles. Have used the natural gas(cng) now for over 100,000 miles.

I am potentially planning on developing a totally off the grid Tiny Home Village and now trying to figure out what the best way to generate electricity. Currently I have a 15 kw NG generator that is only used as secondary power. Had an ice storm here in TN a few years back where we lost power for 9 days, generator worked great. My question: Would purchasing a bigger generator to be used direct to panel or it could recharge a bank of batteries , the way to go??. Does anyone know how loud a liquid cooled generator is? Can it be installed in a concrete building considering it is water cooled? Thanks


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    I just did a few like this and your situation interests me. You almost do not need batteries but they would be nice if there were an issue with the gas supply or generators.
     This system is expandable up to 102KW 3 phase for a micro-grid that is growing. The one is the picture is a 6.8KW Schneider XW+ with generator, high voltage solar, and batteries.
     You do not even need the generator or solar but the container allows the whole system to be pre-tested and insulated/ventilated for the climate. A high-end liquid cooled generator 1800  rpm is fairly low in noise but the gold stamp to compare it with is the Honda EU 7000i. Not really hard to do yourself if you have guidance, or it can be shipped tested!
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    There a lots of conventional gas wells here in western pa. And There is one on my farm that is owned  by the gas company that I get gas free for my use till the well goes dry. Lots of them are going dry and you no longer get gas. Even though the gas lines go thru your property they won,t sell you gas. When my neighbors gas well went dry that is what they told him even though the gas line goes by his house. So he was set up for natural gas and had to buy a big propane tank and convert to propane. I think my well is about 12 years old and I am lucky if I get $10.00 per month and hope and pray it will last for my lifetime. Since I am about 72 years old it might last as long as I need it. The well tender told me that my well was never a barn burner but they usually have a longer life time than the wells that have a high output. So If I was you I think I would want to reserve the gas for your own use or you might be buying lots of propane.