A simple point in the right direction

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Ok, I have 48 panels ranging in size and wattage, most are peak 17.85v all others close to this. It's a combined total of over 2kw and that's being VERY conservative. I have 66 sunsaver 6a12v charge controllers as well as 10 powersonic agm 100ah batteries. Now, all this is being placed in a outside utility room that's brick. I can parallel a couple panels together per single controller, but then I'm running many many wires through a now huge conduit, and trying to run that through a brick wall. If i parralell all the panels together, the amperage is over 150 at 16v, again. ..very conservative figures. But I would only have 2 wires to deal with. Can I then use a distribution block to run the charge controllers off of? Or will I fry the controller from top much power input?


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