Tracer-2210RN Charge Controller with 2 6V Trojan T105 225AH batteries

I have a few questions. Feel free to tackle 1 or all of them. Thanks in advance.

I just bought 2 6Volt Trojan T105 225AH batteries. I am excited to have them, but I have Tracer-2210RN Charge Controller. 

1. It has settings for AmpHours. It can be 220AH or 230 AH. Which would you set it at?

2. The batter mfg, says when you put those batteries in series, 14.8 at 77degrees F is a full charge!! I don't see anyway possible for the Tracer 2210 to adjust the target end voltage? Anyone know? I am guessing I need to invest in a better charge controller. I have read various articles on the importance of charging it to the full 14.8. I think the charge controller is somewhere around 14.5 (per the local RV shop). That lady said she has a similar setup with Trojans, but she is OK w the 14.5. Eventually, that will shorten the life of the batteries from what I have read though.

3. I have 8AWG wire from my roof (junction box) to the charge controller, and charge controller to the batteries. However the two 100 Watt renogy panels I have, use 10 or 12 AWG wire between the panels w  MC4 connectors. I have a junction box on the roof, where i connect them. They are in series. The distance to the junction box is about 2 feet. About 3 feet of cabling from panel to panel using mc4 connectors. The distance from the junction box to the charge controller is about 12 feet, and about 4 feet from the  charge controller to the batteries. I was told and I have read that bigger is better for wiring. Am I ok with my setup? Does it matter if the panels use 10 or 12 AWG and from the junction to the charge controller it uses 8? I really don't have a choice on the panels + MC4 connectors. I didn't see options for large wiring for those with Renogy.


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    Tracer charge controllers have adjustable setpoints which can be accessed with their remote meter. Sorry about the blurry pics.

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