FYI   10 to 30 volt LED  TUBES-- F8T15.

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I  10 to 30 volt LED  TUBES-- F8T15.
I just installed these tonight. Awesome lights, operate  @ 10 TO 30 VOLTS, tubes rotate to adjust lighting,  700 lumens at  6000 K, of course the whole 700 L. comes out in one direction so they are really bright, but do come with a very nice frosted covering, and the LEDs do not show.   Now the question, will we  get white light fall off from these as I have seen from other lights, CREE just does not have this problem, well we will hope for the best.
As my whole house was wired 12 V and has the RV florescent  that came out of Skylab way back when, I was very happy to find a solution to my 24 V lighting problem.  I just do not want to turn loose of DC lights and go all AC, total fear of electronic failure.  Hard to beat sunlight  coming into the lights with nothing to fail, now we do not even have to worry about replacing the ballast, not to mention the constant replacement of $$ tubes for rooms that get switched a lot, that kills a tube fast, and that was 12$ each time to replace.
I am ordering  8 more tonight, and a 4 pack is about $67.


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    This bulb/tube is also directional at 90*.  Another cool thing is that if you have been using a 2 tube fixture In in a small room (pantry) one tube may well be enough, also you do not need to worry about the  polarity.  End of life lumens are 80% .
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