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Hi, this is my first post, I need to jump right in, I hope that is ok.

I am looking to do a little home experiment creating my own wind turbine, I am looking for a really small DC motor, I just need some info on this.

What would the best motor to play with that requires the least effort regarding air yet pushes out the best power?
I'm looking for something cheap but good.

Many thaks in advance.


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    I do not have any experience in designing/building a wind turbine--Here are a few links that may help you:

    Wind Power Links
    Hugh Piggott - Scoraig Wind Electric site for tons of info (from mike90045)
    Scoraig Wind "Recipe Book" for DYI Turbines (from Chris Olson... From his 4/11/2013 post) (added from "russ"--Like here but more wind/less solar)
    Small windpower a scam ? Survey says SO

    I am not a fan of small wind--It usually does not generate very much useful energy... The turbine needs to be in "clean air" (non-turbulent) to generate power--Usually 60 feet or more above the ground.

    Also, many of the PM (Permanent Magnet) Motors used for these projects just do not take the rain/cold/heat/stresses found in a wind turbine installation.

    Do It Yourself wind turbines are one of the projects that can be done "better" than most of the off the shelf/commercial small wind turbines--So if you have access to equipment and the experience, you may do OK (if you have a good/windy location).

    Out of curiosity, how much energy (Watt*Hours or Amp*Hours @ xx volts) do you expect to collect per day from such an installation? In most cases, a solar electric power system will generate power more consistently/predictably vs a typical wind installation (and probably for lower cost and less effort).

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    The permanent magnet motors from some kinds of washing machines are really good for this. A, they are cheap/free. B they produce power at very low rpms.

    Try this:
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    Here is a Chris Olson u-tube. It was a real shame when he was banned here in my humble opinion. There was much we disagreed about, but there was even more that we were on the same page.

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    sorry to burst your bubble dave, but olson quit the forum for he only had a temporary ban of 6 days total. he was a big baby who resented not getting his way.
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    Hi niel,
    I am glad to see you are posting again!   and I hope to see more....  I have missed seeing your contributions on these pages.


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    i'm done contributing here as i'm not appreciated except by a few and got quite abused as did coot. i've already helped many people over many years and need to take a powder as i'm burned out and need to concentrate on my life. the abuse i suffered here i don't need.
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    niel,       I'm new here and while there are several knowledgeable people who have helped me on this site I'm sure we'd all love to see you back occasionally.

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    zoneblue said:
    The permanent magnet motors from some kinds of washing machines are really good for this. A, they are cheap/free. B they produce power at very low rpms.

    Try this:
    I agree, I myself got this motor from a friends scrap wasching machine. It really produces some great results for now

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