Adding optimizers to off grid system with mppt charge controller.

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I have installed several off grid systems on boats. These systems consist of 3 to 4 250 watt panels connected to a mppt charge comtroller. All the systems suffer to some extent from shading. I am trying to design a system using panel mounted optimizers in order to improve overall production. Can dc optimizers be added between solar panels and mppt charge controller. I don't know how the mppt charge controller will behave with 4 optimized panels feeding it.


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    Hi Shay,  Welcome to the Forum.

    You are asking a good question.   In general,  it is a very good idea to contact the Charge Controller (CC) manufacturer for guidance.  Some Optimizers can damage some CCs,  as I read it.

    As you know,  if it is possible,  try to run individual PVs in parallel to help reduce the power losses from shading.

    FWIW,   Vic

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    Don't know about other brand optimizers but Solar Edge optimizers are intended to work with Solar Edge inverters, period. I would like to know which other brands work for off grid.

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