What size fuses

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I've read so much about different sorts and sizes of fuses I'm now confused.
I have a 100w panel, a 12v pwm controller, a 600w inverter and two batteries with a total of 200amps wired in parallel (12v). What size fuses should I have and where?

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    Anything and everything connected to a battery needs fuses or circuit breakers.  You need a fuse between the controller and the battery and between the inverter and the battery.  Both devices should have instructions explaining the minimum sized wire as well as the proper sized fuse. 

    A 600 watt inverter with a 1200 watt surge would need a 100 amp fuse as well as wire that can handle that, (#1 gauge or heavier).  The fuse for the charge controller depends on the rating of the controller, but if you only have a 100 watt panel, 10 amps will suffice. 

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    Thanks VT

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