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Hi folks, I cant seem to find an answer for this: 3 pieces of equipment, a single 12v battery, a 12v battery charger that plugs into wall, and an inverter. The inverter connects to the battery terminals, can the battery charger also connect to those same battery terminals at the same time?



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    yes they can , if your worried about inverter just turn it off while charging, 
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    As DConlyGuy says, short answer is yes. Short/heavy wiring from inverter to battery, and short heavy wiring from charger to battery bus/common connection points.

    Longer answer is details matter. Size of battery (AH rating and voltage), inverter wattage and specifications, charger ratings, wire lengths, fusing/breakers in positive leads, load watts/amps @ hours per day, etc. all matters for a safe, reliable, and system that meets your needs.

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