fastening PV panel directly to van roof

Tell me why I shouldn't do this.  Fasten a panel directly to the steel roof of my van with VHB tape.  No brackets. 
Pro:  Simpler, stronger joint.  
Con: If I need to remove the panel it will be difficult.  
If I VHB a bracket to the roof, then screw the panel to the bracket I can remove the panel, but the bracket will still be difficult to remove.    


  • littleharbor2
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    If you want a panel attached directly to your Van roof you might want to consider a semi flexible type. being only about 5/16" thick it would truly flush mount with the tape. Rigid framed panels need airflow around the back of the panel and as such would probably look funny sitting up in the air would probably look funny sitting up in the air. 120 watt 12 volt ones are common and I just ran across a 320 watt 12 volt one for $129.00.

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