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what's the difference between   Max. Power Point Voltage 18.5VDC, Max. Power Point Current 8.65A,, Open Circuit Voltage 22.2VDC, Short Circuit Current 9.46A.  Thanks, Jerry


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    The highest current you can get from a panel (Isc) is when you short circuit it.  Of course, when you short circuit the panel, its voltage is zero.   0 volts X 9.46 amps = 0 watts.

    The highest voltage you can get from a panel (Voc) is when you open circuit it.  Of course, when you open circuit the panel, its current is zero.   0 amps X 22.2 volts = 0 watts.

    Somewhere between open circuit and short circuit, the product of volts X amps reaches a maximum.  For your panels that is about 18.5 volts X 8.65 amps = 160 watts.

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    Doesn't matter, do your self a favor and forget about getting 8 or 9 amps out of them right now. That panel is likely only going to make 6 or 7 amps when it's hot.

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