Epever MPPT Controller RS285 cable...can I get a longer one ?

so i bought a 40A epever MPPT controller to manage a solar panel at my cabin. Due to sun, I placed panel and battery on my shed but would like to place the M50 remote unit in my cabin. BTW..I bought a 40A as I plan on installing up to 750W and wanted to not have to upgrade later.Unfortunately i need a longer cable and am having trouble finding one. I am looking for a approx 100' . The tag on the factory cable says "Model: CC-RS485-RS485-200U-MT   For LS-B, Tracer-B, VS-B controller ".  I am not an elec guy but hoping someone can help me source this. Thanks in advance.. 


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    RS485 can go pretty long distances. 100 feet should be fine. Just use Cat3 or Cat5 Ethernet cable. (Make sure you keep twisted pair wires correct).

    What connectors are required?

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