SunnyBoy stays in waiting mode

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I used to have my Sunnyboy 6000 hooked upto to 5.7KW array.  Unfortunately, the barn the array was on collapsed and now I can only get 9 panels on the roof for 1.8KW.  I figured that would still be enough to get the inverter up and running but it won't get out of waiting mode ??????
No faults.  Input DC voltage is around 270  Any ideas what is wrong?


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    Actually, I posted this in the wrong area this is a grid tied system, sorry.
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    I have moved your discussion to GT forum.

    My guess--If you are running 240 VAC input, that it takes 300 volts minimum to start (assuming this is a 6000-US model).

    You need, at least, one or two more panels in series to get it running again.

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    345 to 480 vdc. I just happen to see one today Bill.  Hey!
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