Using Aeca PR3030 - Zero Amps to Detected by Controller, Charge rate at 0 Amps, and Error Code 100.

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Using Aeca PR3030 Charge Controller I get Zero Amps Detected by Controller from Array, Charge rate at 0 Amps, and Error Code 100, After Self test...  Little Help anyone?   Is there a hard Reset?  Is there a list of errors for this model.  

Thank you for your help (in Advance)

Tom Johnson
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    Some times pictures speak a thousand words.  

    What are you using for panels on the input side?  Do they show Voltage at the controller connections? 
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    Well it appears to be a knock off of the Steca of the same model number if I googled it correctly... but the errors only go up to 11, no 100, but error 10 is that the Amps have exceeded the CC's Amperage limits....

    also for some strange reason I am not allowed to visit your web site???
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    Disconnected at controller we have 34.2 volts (2 panels parallel) connected (3 lead acid car battery's in parallel) and this Inverter
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      I will attempt some pics but I don't have a good camera I will try to get some taken...   The error code 100 is from the "Self Test" and is here on page 14, Second code down from top....  
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