What can I do with some SunWize OEM 10s??

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I've always been fascinated with solar energy and trying to do something with it, eventual plans for an off grid house, etc. 

BUT.. I haven't really gotten that far into it yet and the last time I was really studying it was a couple years ago. 

However, I am going to an auction tomorrow that has a pile of SunWize OEM10 Photovalic Modules. 


Rated Voltage/Vmp: 16.4
Rated Current/Imp: .61
Open Circuit Voltage:  21.0
Short Circuit Current/Isc: .70

I don't really know what I would do with them, but sometimes stuff at this auction goes really cheap and it would be a good way to get some stuff to start learning with. 

Unfortunately, my electrical/solar systems knowledge is rusty and the auction is tomorrow morning, so I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what I could possibly use them for and don't have time to relearn the stuff I've forgotten. 

I believe there are about 20 of the panels. Definitely used, but all the glass seemed to be intact and in decent condition.

So, what types of things might I try with these? How difficult are they to work with?


Power a set of amplified speakers?
Charge the battery of a small electric vehicle?

I have no idea what they will go for tomorrow, but if it is cheap, I'm going to buy them and see what happens, in which case I'm sure I'll be back to ask for more advice. 



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    Nominally, each panel is 12 volts and 10 Watts... Note that solar panels output between 0 volts and ~21+ volts--So you may not want to just plug in a DC appliance without thinking about that wide/varying voltage range.

    So--What would you like to run? An AA battery is roughly 1-1.5 Watts of storage energy (1.5 volts * 1 Amp*Hour roughly).

    What interests you? A solar powered radio to work out in the yard (daylight/fixed installation+batteries to work onto the evening for dinner party/lights?).

    Or more towards powering a smart phone that can run a WIFI hot spot (for computers/tablets/Internet Radio/etc.) power hub station (extending your normal 2-8 hours that one could expect from a WiFi hot spot) or WiFi radio + Bluetooth speakers?

    In general--I would avoid a project where you put 10-20 panels together in series/parallel--Lots of wiring/mounting (and possibly bypass diodes if shading). A single large panel (200 watts+) is usually a better solution vs lots of small panels bolted+wired together (unless you want to fold out a small array from a "suitcase").

    You really need to match the output power of solar (which is sort of low) to your loads--To make a successful project.

    -Bill "in my humble opinion" B.
    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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