auto start set up

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Hi I have looked all over the internet including here and i am having a problem with wiring up my auto start
I have a EU Honda 6500 and a xantrex sw 4024 invertor. does anyone know how to wire this up I looked in the Manual and it does not make sense to me. on the invertor i know i am suppose to wire to relay 7 and 8 but I'm not sure on the configuration the invertor has three terminals on each relay they are common, NC and NO. the generator has 4 wires a white= ignition coil, green= gen off, black= gen on, and red which i think is a pilot light which i am not sure if that wire is needed. I am not sure which wire goes to which terminal and if i have to add a jumper wire.

I would really appreciate any help

thank you


  • RossmanRossman Solar Expert Posts: 178 ✭✭
    I still havent set up my AGS but I actually posted about this awhile back, my post was about the EU7000 but I think the remote starter interface is the same (??)  My problem has been finding a plug/connector to mate onto the EU7000 to connect the wiring...what did you do on that front?
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