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    I found these about 1 hour drive from my home, comments/remarks/suggestions are welcome.


     Golf Carts Batteries - $1 (Walnut MS) 

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    Used golf cart batteries, 8v or 6v, $50 with exchange, 90 day warranty. 
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    Call 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM.
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    Hello everyone, I have had my little mini Frig on for 27-30  hours so far, according to my watt miser it consumed 0.56 KWH for the first 24 hours, that's not too bad, so the TV with 108-110 watts per hour and the frig 90-93 (when on) should not be that difficult to put on some batts and and make me think I am saving the world. Probably never pay for itself, back when I started this little project panels were over $4 per watt and now as then I can't afford spending what I don't have on this stuff, but I would bid on ebay, bought one at the Midwest Regional Energy Fair in Custer, Wisconsin in 2002 $125 for 30 watts I believe it is the last one I bought, don't really know what to do with these things, if I make other projects e.g. lights in chicken house, water pump etc. I will still have to purchase batts, and inverters unless I can find DC equipment then have to purchase those, about to the point as to say to heck with it all and run AC to the Chicken coop, find a AC motor to open and shut the door, circulate their water in Winter for freeze protection and on and on. I checked on ebay for a bargain in materials but just replacing the 7 panels I have with 1 or 2 cost as much as my budget for batts and bos so I guess I will lurk in the shadows as I have been doing in the past and wish and want, could be worse i could be wanting a million dollar boat, or classic muscle car just like the ones I rode in during the 60's and 70's just did not realize what they would be worth today. And by the way I want me some of them puppies too.....
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    Wilber256 I figure it this way we can always dream that's still free. Even at 125 watts and 25 watts of LED lights at night I'm happy but not content. Having worked on this project in my spare time I've learned a few things. Solar is expensive for the average person for the return on investment way down the road. In the winter unless you live in an area with some sun at least every other day forget it too. My panels do great with 3-4 hours of moderate sun daily but give it a few cloudy days and nothing. I'm probably only saving 5 cents a month on my electric bill, but the project broke the winter boredom here. I looked at wind power years ago and that's not an option with the light breezes we normally get. Conservation to keep the utility bill low seems to be the easier answer maybe. 
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