PICS: some LED's vs. som CFL's

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Hope somebody finds this useful:

(some photos showing light output from some low watt AC and DC led fixtures vs a 4W CFL.)



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    Re: PICS: some LED's vs. som CFL's

    Nice job... My one concern is how well the LED's will hold up over time... The first white LED's were quite dim and the flashlight mfg. would overdrive them--assuming that they would last 1/2 as long (say from 100,000 hours to 50,000 hours)--turned out, that even when moderiatly over driven (using a single AAA battery), that the output would degrade substantially after less than 100 hours (LED blue die would be fine, but the phosphor/epoxy boundary was degrading)...

    The new LED's Philips, Cree, and others, are much brighter and more efficient--I have been reading good things about them lasting--so those $40.00 may be worth the price...

    If you are into LED's (and flashlights), try this place--I have been reading/posting for years there (also Brock has been too)... It is heavily (but usually friendly moderation) moderated to the point of the forum, and family friendly too.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: PICS: some LED's vs. som CFL's

    Thanks, yes Ive got some experience with the older style ones too and a couple have in fact died. actually, i may update that page with some more info on those, as well as close up pictures of the fixtures.
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    Re: PICS: some LED's vs. som CFL's

    Hmm, kinda disappointing on the light output. Still, might be worth buying one to play with. Inside the house I like the light scattered about and a bright room and those are just too dim. I wonder how well one of those LEDs would work of it were pointed into the fixture, onto a parabolic mirror to scatter the light more?

    Thanks for the pics though. How well are they working out in real life, since the pics can only tell so much of the story?
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    Re: PICS: some LED's vs. som CFL's

    you bring up a good point, many of the bulbs dont have wide dispersion, but i have been trying to implement task oriented lighting around the house for the SAKE of efficiency. the led bulbs are a bit too extreme though as you note. im surprised my wife didnt even notice the different bulb over the kitchen table. still id agree these work best as direct (positionable) reading lamps.
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    Re: PICS: some LED's vs. som CFL's

    my 2 lightly used 8w thinlights are on ebay here
    if anyones interested, i will also soon put up my 15w thinlite , if interested in getting that from me directly before it goes up on ebay send me a PM. thanks!
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