IronRidge pole mount and Neon 2 panels

Hi - I'm trying to understand why LG's Neon 2 panels are not compatible with IronRidge pole mounts. In using the Ironridge "design assistant", it reports "This module's mounting holes are incompatible with IronRidge pole mounts". Thus my questions:

1) What does the panels height have to do with the pole mount "mounting holes"? I guess a more basic question would be what are the ironridge pole mount "mounting holes"?

2) It appears that the Ironridge pole mounts want panels that are 35 mm in height (not 40mm like the Neon2) - why? ie what exactly is the issue?

Thanks for any help!



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    Hi gday,  Welcome to the Forum,

    Based only on the quote from the Design Assistant,  that you note above,  it APPEARS that it is not the height,  but rather position of the holes.

    Top mounts (clamps)  normally have some latitude in placement,  but the IR mounts may use rear through-hole mounts ...   dunno.

    Suggest that you try contacting IR for the real explanation.  Good Luck,   Vic

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    Vic is right, but another option would be to drill new holes to make your panels fit that pole mount. Not the end of the world for a small array...
    If you believe IR design assistant, there isn't a lot of panels that fit their mounts
    Did that a few times and it took me 5 minutes. Just be aware to choose the right rail length that matches your number of panels.
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    Thanks for the help - things are a bit clearer now. The wrinkle is that Ironridge is no longer in the Pole Mount business - its been taken over by Tamarack Solar ( I'll try and get an email off to them soon.


    PS While the size of the Neon vs Neon2 panel is the same, I found the spacing of the mounting holes on the long edge has changed. The Neon has 2 sets of holes (centered on the long edge) with 900mm and 1100 m center to center - the Neon2 also has 2 sets of holes (centered on the long edge) but with 1100mm and 1300mm center to center.
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